Pool Towel Yellow Stripe 30×70


SKU No. PL-3070-15-Y
Description  Pool Towel Yellow Stripe 30×70
Weight 15 lb


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Pool Towel Yellow Stripe. My Hospitality Supplies Cabana Stripe Beach & Pool Towels (30X70 Inches / Multicolor).

Color: Multi Color Cabana Stripe Blue, Yellow, Green & Orange Size 30X70 Inches

Material: cotton Features High Absorbent, Lightweight, Soft, Versatile & Durable Material Care Instructions – Machine Wash with Warm Water and Delicate Detergent.

Dry immediately Quantity 2 dozen per carton -Ideal for Hotels, Spas, Guest Houses and Beaches, Poolside or Farm Houses.

Origin: Pakistan

SKU No. PL-3070-15-G
Description Pool Towel Yellow Stripe 30×70
Weight 15 lb


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