Hotel Towels 20×30 Bath Mat


SKU No: PL-2030-ECS
Description: 20″ x 30″ Bath Mat
Weight: 7.00 lbs


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The Domestic Hotel Towels 20×30 Bath Mat Ecstasy® are always in demand,  a great value without comprising quality. These white Cam Border Bath towel, Hand Towel, Washcloth and Bath mat  is made from 86% cotton and 14% polyester fabric for the perfect blend of softness and absorbency. It’s an ideal choice for the hospitality industry since its 100% cotton loop build, lockstitched hemmed ends, and cam borders ensure that it can withstand repeated laundering. blend of 86% cotton & 14% poly Hotel Towels keeps the shrinkage in control and keep the towel in the right shape. You can order them in white and beige both colors in different sizes. Our most popular guest room towels, thick, rich and durable–will stand up to repeated laundering, with natural Selvedge. Your housekeepers will love them from its initial wash since this product can go directly from box to bath.

SKU No Description Weight Case Pack Price
PL-2030-ECS 20″ x 30″ Bath Mat 7.00 lbs 1 Dozen US$ 50.00 / Dz
PL-2030-ECS 20″ x 30″ Bath Mat 7.00 lbs 2 Dozen US$ 45.00 / Dz
PL-2030-ECS 20″ x 30″ Bath Mat 7.00 lbs 3 Dozen US$ 40.00 / Dz
PL-2030-ECS 20″ x 30″ Bath Mat 7.00 lbs 4 Dozen US$ 35.00 / Dz

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1 dz, 2 dz, 3 dz, 4 dz

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