The Hotel Towels Buying Guide

It’s hard to beat the sensation of stepping out of an extended soak within the bath or a refreshing rinse under the shower and straight into a warm, soft, and cozy towel. If you’ve ever stayed during a hotel that tries to try to to everything with slightly of luxury then you’ll little question have experienced a high-quality hotel towel that you’ll want to possess for your personal use reception.

So, whether you’re buying for a hotel or your home, it’s an honest idea to seek out out what the towel goes to desire to use before you set down the cash. When you’re buying online you can’t physically touch the towel, but there are many ways to make sure you’re only buying the simplest. Read on for a few recommendations on the way to choose quality hotel towels.

How Soft is that the Towel?

You don’t want to finish up with a towel that feels rough on the skin, but how does one confirm it’s getting to be soft? To be safe, it’s best to travel for 100% cotton towels as these are both soft and absorbent, and that they tend to only get softer and fluffier with age. They’re also the simplest if you’ve got soft skin because it won’t feel too harsh.

Synthetic materials, like polyester, are cheaper but aren’t as soft or absorbent. These types are generally used for tea towels or cleaning purposes. If you would like your guests to possess an excellent stay then it’s best to remain faraway from these. However, if budget is a problem then towels with a cotton and polyester blend (also referred to as ‘polycotton’) are a secure bet.

If you’re touching a towel during a physical shop then remember that manufacturers often put finishes on their towels in order that they feel softer upon the primary touch, on the other hand, this coating comes off within the first wash. It’s far better to ascertain m at the label to see what material it’s made up of.

What Are Some Common Towel Technical Terms?

There are a couple of technical terms that you simply can find on labels or product webpages.

Twist: this is often pertaining to what proportion the loop’s yarn is twisted. If the towel features a high twist then it’s more durable, but coffee or zero-twist gives a wider area to make a plusher and more absorbent feel.
Combed cotton: this suggests that the cotton has been brushed to get rid of short fibers and straighten remaining fibers, which makes the material softer and increases durability. OUR L650 650 GSM TOWEL is an exampled of a combed cotton towel.

Ring-spun cotton:

The long and short cotton fibers are tightly twisted together, making for a stronger and smoother material. Turkish cotton: this is often cotton that has been grown in Turkey’s Aegean region, so you’ll generally assume it’s a premium quality towel. It’s made from narrow fibers with long staples, giving it fantastic absorbency, softness, and a pleasant shine. For more on the advantages of Turkish cotton towels.

Egyptian cotton:

the foremost popular type when it involves luxury, although Turkish cotton may be a close alternative. Each fiber features a long-staple to offer the towel an incredible chump and an equally incredible shine.

The Weight Of A Towel Matters.

Towel weight is measured in GSM, which stands for grams per square meter. Generally, you’ll assume that the thickness and absorbency of the towel will rise to be proportionate with their GSM weight as there’ll be more or longer loops within the material. for instance, 300-400 GSM towels are usually considered lightweight, with 400-600 GSM as medium weight and 600GSM and above are classed as heavyweight.

Take a while to believe how often the towel is going to be used, especially in hotels where towels might not be changed if a guest is merely staying a few days. Lightweight towels will dry quicker but won’t feel as thick, whereas the other applies to heavyweight towels.

Visual Appeal

While the comfort of the towel is that the most vital aspect, it should also look ok that you simply want to wrap it around yourself in the first place. make sure the sides of the towel have close and secure stitching, which prevents fraying and provides you peace of mind that quality craftsmanship has gone into its manufacture.

In terms of color, white is that the hottest choice as its neutral base will accompany almost any bathroom design. But if you want to choose colored towels, make sure the manufacturer uses good quality dyes with good colour fastness to make sure that it doesn’t lose all its bold colour after a couple of washes.

Caring For Your Towels

Here are a couple of recommendations on the way to look after your new luxury hotel towels. For more in-depth information, please see our LAUNDRY ADVICE GUIDE.

All our cotton towels are often washed up to 60°.

Make sure to scrub all towels with detergent before use, as this prevents thread pulling.

Wash white towels together and color towels separately.

Try to wash towels on their own, as washing towels with clothes that have zips can cause snags. If this does happen, confirm to chop them off with scissors before they worsen.

Shake our towels before you set them within the washer as this may allow the detergent to sink in.

Use fabric conditioner sparingly and avoid using it within the first few washes of a replacement towel, as these lubricate the fibers and reduce absorbency.

You can use a tumble dryer to dry towels, but don’t over-dry them because it can cause a dull, grey appearance.
Whether you’re trying to find thick and plush white bath towels or quick-drying durable towels for normal use, we stock a spread of hotel-quality towels here at Vision Linens. This includes bath towels, hand towels, bath sheets, and face cloths.



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