Gym Towel 16×27 Hand Towel

$19.36 / Dozen - $193.60 / Box

SKU No: PL-1627-ECS-BG
Description: 16″ x 27″ Hand Towel
Weight: 3.00 lbs
Case Pack: 10 Dozen
Price: US$ 19.36 / Dz

SKU: PL-1627-ECS-BG-1 Category:


Top rated exercise & sports activities Gym Towel 16×27 Hand TowelGym Sweat Towels made for drying sweat with ease and protecting gymnasium benches & machines.
Stylish Gym  Towels that suit each male and females.
Tenderlightweight, absorbent, short-drying & smellloose thanks to its excessive great  thirsty pile
Suitable Gym Towel size 16′ x 27″
No itchy wash labels or hooks that could motive infection for your neck or on your skin.
Your purchase is protected by way of our top satisfactory guarantee and lifelong consumer care.

The product is ideal for multipurpose use! essential for any domestic and restroomsbest in seashore pools health clubs fitness, yoga, spa, massage, sports, camping or travel.

For an individual going to the gym and Preparing to sweat and preparing to succeed. Pack these gym towel in your gym kit, as you give your workout you’re all.

The gym Towels are sold by Case Pack only.

SKU No Description Weight Case Pack Price
PL-1212-ECS-BG 12″ x 12″ Wash Cloth 1.00 lbs 25 Dozen US$ 6.46 / Dz
PL-1627-ECS-BG 16″ x 27″ Hand Towel 3.00 lbs 10 Dozen US$ 19.36 / Dz
PL-1313-ECS-BG 13″ x 13″ Wash Cloth 1.50 lbs 25 Dozen US$ 9.00 / Dz
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